Cthulhu Britannica

India: Too late for tiffin

Markus and Sirdar question the cultist. Markus thinks it a good idea to give him back his ritual knife. It is not.

Tina has tea with Uncle. He tells her that the Dreaming Pilgrim is preparing for a battle with the Adversaries. Tina says that she and her companions are ready.

Travelling by train brings new insights into the lives of people in northern India. Markus has an altercation with the replacement kitchen staff but is saved by Sirdar.

In the Thar Desert, they join others preparing to defend the ancient library. Tina and Markus learn the technique of deep meditation from Uncle. Klaus learns how to build a powerful weapon using technology not known to man.

One of the desert patrols is missing. Is this the work of the Adversaries?


EricTopp EricTopp

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