Cthulhu Britannica

St Combs: Meeting the locals

Returning from the underground temple, the investigators find that their car has been sabotaged. As they are walking back to St Combs, a truck stops and gives them a lift to the Strathbeg distillery.

The owner, Hugh Irvine, gives them a tour. Tina imbibes heavily of the complementary whisky.

In the basement of an abandoned church, Markus overhears news of a plot to deal with the new laird. He shoots dead an old man of some importance.

Meanwhile back in the inn, the drunken Tina attracts the attention of some disreputable locals. Douglas warns them off but a crowd gathers outside. He hauls Tina upstairs to her room and considers how to set up a defensive position.


EricTopp EricTopp

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