Cthulhu Britannica

Gregor: On The Bonnie Bonnie Banks

Professor Willard Gibbson went missing a week ago while visiting the town of Gregor in the Scottish Highlands. The local police are baffled. The investigators are called in to assist.

They find the professor’s journal hidden in his hotel room. He was in search of the mythical “kelpie”. His daughter, Elaine, shows them a book about standing stones that he asked for.

Markus protects Tina from unpleasant men in the local pub. Tina drinks too much.

The next day, they explore the land surrounding the loch. Markus strikes out on his own. He discovers standing stones and a ruined castle.

Malcolm and John are taken to the home of the MacAllan clan leader. His daughter exhibits a strong personal interest in Malcolm.

They venture beneath the castle. Suddenly, the lights go out.

Meanwhile, Tina recovers from her hangover. Where is everyone?


EricTopp EricTopp

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