Cthulhu Britannica

Calcutta: It ain't half hot

As they disembark at Kidderpore Port, Charles is shot at by one of the soldiers from the ship. Tina goes to the hospital where Private Carter is held for psychiatric examination.

They check in at the Great Eastern Hotel. One of the stewards from the ship, a fellow with a mole above his left eye, is seen to be shadowing them.

After presenting themselves at the Governor’s residence, they receive letters of introduction to the finest clubs in the city. At the Explorers Club, they learn that Colin Winstone, who complained of strange dreams, has gone missing after taking the train to Jodhpur.

Some sleuthing at the records office gives the address of Ali Khan Imports, notable for its use of a blue elephant as a trademark. They meet Sanjay Ali Khan who schedules a meeting with his uncle.

Charles apprehends the steward in an alley. Their guide, Sirdar Himmat Singh, says he has “forceful” ways of interrogating someone. Markus expresses interest in these methods.


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