Cthulhu Britannica

British Honduras: The Stars My Destination

Minonim-Mer takes the investigators to the dark city of Dylath-Leen. Malcolm impresses the guard outside the slave markets with his noble bearing. Markus impersonates a slave.

After a long space-voyage, they arrive on Sarrub. Something has gone wrong here and what was once a tropical paradise is a bleak frozen waste. John escapes an attack by a 2nd stager. Markus decides to attack it but comes off worst.

At the Temple of the Oracle Mirror, Minonim-Mer is attacked by a demon. Malcolm breaks the mirror to save him. Armed with spears they set off for the planet of Yundu to rescue the other remaining Sarrubians.

Mirronim-Mer takes them to the moon. They travel through the gate back to Earth then block it to foil the plans of Haon-Dor. The temple sinks into the swamp.


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