Cthulhu Britannica

Svalbard: Cold Snap

An airship crashed in the Arctic. The Investigators are recruited (because of their “unique skills and experience”) to join a rescue party.

In Svalbard, Marcus chats with a local. Dutch and English ships and sailors went missing in these parts several hundred years ago.

At the plane, they meet the team leader, Sidney Reilly – “reports of my death are exaggerated, old boy”. He explains the rescue plan; about four Italians are thought to be still alive.

Suddenly, the plane is hit by freezing ice. The pilot is killed and Charlie takes over. They crash land on the ice floe.

They set off for the red tent but find nobody alive there. Tracks lead north.

A journey to Amundsen’s plane shows that it also crashed. The famous explorer’s brain is missing.

Heading north, they find a strange machine atop an ice mound. Suddenly, they are under attack from horrific walrus-men. Klaus works out how to operate the machine and wields its devastating power against the monsters. There is silence once more except for the biting wind…

Gregor: Leave No Stone Unturned

Tina has tea with the pastor. He tells of casting out a demon called a “lloigor”.

Meanwhile, beneath the castle, Elaine talks to her father in the dark. A tremor shakes the ruins. Malcolm is attacked by a vortex.

Detective Carmichael is recalled to Inverness. In the pastor’s library, Malcolm reads how Castle MacLaireag was destroyed by an accidental explosion. Markus sees the lloigor in his dreams.

Elaine is not well. Malcolm looks after her but her physical and mental health declines.

Markus and Tina go boating. On the island, they find a fob watch and signs of a struggle. Returning through the centre of the pentagon, the boat capsizes. Tina is attacked by something huge beneath the water but is rescued by Markus.

Malcolm acquires dynamite to topple a standing stone. He recalls his wartime instruction by an expert sapper. He follows it to the letter but there is no explosion. He walks over to see what the problem is.

Grieving the loss of their friend, Markus and Tina wait for the night of Samhain. The MacAllans walk into the loch and are swept into the void but Elaine is rescued.

Despite objections from the Historical Society (and damage to their reputation), Markus and Tina engage workmen from Inverness to pull down and break up the stones.

Gregor: On The Bonnie Bonnie Banks

Professor Willard Gibbson went missing a week ago while visiting the town of Gregor in the Scottish Highlands. The local police are baffled. The investigators are called in to assist.

They find the professor’s journal hidden in his hotel room. He was in search of the mythical “kelpie”. His daughter, Elaine, shows them a book about standing stones that he asked for.

Markus protects Tina from unpleasant men in the local pub. Tina drinks too much.

The next day, they explore the land surrounding the loch. Markus strikes out on his own. He discovers standing stones and a ruined castle.

Malcolm and John are taken to the home of the MacAllan clan leader. His daughter exhibits a strong personal interest in Malcolm.

They venture beneath the castle. Suddenly, the lights go out.

Meanwhile, Tina recovers from her hangover. Where is everyone?

In Deep Space With Little Sister

The investigators wake. They know their names but little else. Where are they?

They explore the Upper Level. One of their companions is killed by a mutant. Joshua repairs Garden Robot 3. It is less than helpful.

Some memories return.

In the computer room, they find a dead alien. “Father” tells them that the Upper Level will be jettisoned. They use the shuttle to leave.

There is a computer room on the Lower Level. They apply bright blue anti-radiation paste. Joshua is a nude Smurf.

More memories return. These are unsettling.

They repair the power plant but mutants trash the main computer room. The ship will self-destruct in 10 minutes, 9 minutes, 5 seconds, 5 minutes. There are only four working escape pods. The investigators heroically stay on the doomed ship so that the hottie can escape.

Lights. Applause. Teddy O’Dwyer wants to know “Did Little Sister make you suffer?” Credits roll.

British Honduras: The Stars My Destination

Minonim-Mer takes the investigators to the dark city of Dylath-Leen. Malcolm impresses the guard outside the slave markets with his noble bearing. Markus impersonates a slave.

After a long space-voyage, they arrive on Sarrub. Something has gone wrong here and what was once a tropical paradise is a bleak frozen waste. John escapes an attack by a 2nd stager. Markus decides to attack it but comes off worst.

At the Temple of the Oracle Mirror, Minonim-Mer is attacked by a demon. Malcolm breaks the mirror to save him. Armed with spears they set off for the planet of Yundu to rescue the other remaining Sarrubians.

Mirronim-Mer takes them to the moon. They travel through the gate back to Earth then block it to foil the plans of Haon-Dor. The temple sinks into the swamp.

British Honduras: A Trip to the Moon

The galley sails through the Basalt Pillars of the West. To the consternation of the investigators, it drops into a massive cataract and continues on into space.

During the trip to the moon, Markus is struck by a rock during a space storm. Later, he goes mad at the sight of a horrible larval monster.

The galley lands in the Great Lunar Sea. When Markus sees the City of the Moon-Beasts, he again succumbs to madness.

The investigators are herded through the city. Markus rescues a white cat from torture. Malcolm and John take advantage of the confusion and escape but are soon recaptured. The runaways are whipped and manacled.

They trek across the moon plains towards a large crater. Suddenly, the moon-beasts are attacked by a large number of cats.

The investigators are freed. The white cat thanks Markus for his help. The cats take them to the city of Ulthar. There they receive treatment for their physical and mental injuries. They meet the high priest, Atal. He teaches them spells and suggests a way to thwart Haon-Dor.

Seeking a way to return to the moon, the investigators meet a black cat who introduces them to his companion, a Sarrubian named Minonim-Mer. He asks them to accompany him on his quest to find his lost companions and return to Sarrub.

British Honduras: Temple of doom

The investigators find what appears to be the remains of the lost expedition. Morgan urges them to press on to find the lost temple of Bendal-Dolum.

They descend into a jungle valley. In the middle of a stinking swamp, they find a vast abandoned temple complex.

Morgan gathers the party at the summit of the pyramid. He opens a gate and the temple comes alive. A gunfight breaks out and Morgan is killed but a monstrous hell-plant emerges from his body. Lockly is swiftly devoured. The investigators escape through the gate to fall into blackness.

They find themselves in a strange cave network. At the end is a sea cave. A strange galley arrives and the party is invited aboard. An Englishman named Andrew Trellaine tells them that they are no longer in the waking world…

British Honduras: Welcome to the jungle

Via their contacts in the Edinburgh Philaletheian Society, the Investigators are introduced to a faculty member from Edinburgh University. Dr Eric Williamson led an expedition to British Hondurus in search of Mayan ruins. The expedition never returned.

Now, Dr Jeremy Morgan is organising another expedition. He has gone ahead to arrange provisions and transport.

Malcolm, John and Markus agree to join the expedition to provide medical assistance and protective services for Dr Morgan. They will also be accompanied by an American professor of archaeology, Dr Arizona Smith.

They arrive in Belize, the capital of British Honduras. Malcolm makes inquiries with the local police. Markus buys a monkey.

They meet Morgan. The plan is to travel up-river, stopping at villages along the way. A guide, Gordon Lockly, is familiar with the mountainous terrain to the south where it is believed that Williamson was looking for a temple called Bendal-Dolum.

Morgan leads them to an abandoned camp site near a small Mayan pyramid. Taking sightings from the pyramid, he leads them through the jungle. He seems driven and they make good progress.

After several days trek, Morgan announces that they are close to Bendal-Dolum. They suffer nightmares. Lockly tries to leave but Morgan prevails upon him to stay. They walk on…

Glasgow: Night Frights

Malcolm enjoys some light reading. Meanwhile, the others decide on a night visit to the Cathedral. Their vigil is interrupted by the sight of several men running across the Bridge of Sighs pursued by monsters. John intervenes but the monsters disappear into the sewers.

Backtracking to the Glasgow Necropolis they find a tunnel beneath a desecrated mausoleum. Markus ventures into the depths but turns back when his nerve fails.

The next day, Malcolm receives a call from Cullen. Cullen demands the book.

Deciding otherwise, the group return to the Necropolis. They cast a powerful enchantment to (hopefully) send the monsters far away from Glasgow.

Glasgow: Ex Cathedra

Markus and Tina find Black, the prison warder, in a gambling den. They follow him to his house. Markus disposes of Black’s trousers.

Malcolm visits the cathedral and has a meeting with the Reverend Grimond. Grimond tells him of the portents. Are the end times near?

Next day, Markus uses his talents to retrieve a mysterious black book hidden in Grimond’s private chapel. Malcolm takes possession of it.

In the grounds of the cathedral, Markus views diggings at the base of a flying buttress. He follows tracks leading to a deep hole concealed in some bushes.

Malcolm reads the book…


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