Cthulhu Britannica

St Combs: More car trouble

Cameron visits the local post agent and tries to send a telegram. Mrs Crimble is less than helpful.

At the bank, Cameron discovers that only people on a register are allowed to open accounts. At the head of the list are Irvine, Gillie, Calder and Andrews.

Calder apologises to Tina about the unruly behaviour of the locals. He tells the investigators about some campers who saw something strange near the loch.

Taking a lift from one of the distillery trucks, the investigators find no evidence of a camp site. They note that they are being watched. As darkness falls, they are attacked by a flying horror. Douglas blasts the monstrosity to bits with his trusty shotgun.

In the distillery, the investigators find notes written by Irvine. Below the lab, caged monsters cry out. The investigators burn down the distillery and return to St Combs.

St Combs: Meeting the locals

Returning from the underground temple, the investigators find that their car has been sabotaged. As they are walking back to St Combs, a truck stops and gives them a lift to the Strathbeg distillery.

The owner, Hugh Irvine, gives them a tour. Tina imbibes heavily of the complementary whisky.

In the basement of an abandoned church, Markus overhears news of a plot to deal with the new laird. He shoots dead an old man of some importance.

Meanwhile back in the inn, the drunken Tina attracts the attention of some disreputable locals. Douglas warns them off but a crowd gathers outside. He hauls Tina upstairs to her room and considers how to set up a defensive position.

St Combs: Arrival

Douglas McKerrell, an American, has inherited the title of Laird of Strathbeg. His agent, John Robson, went ahead to visit the estate and reported back disturbing news. On the advice of Dr Albans at the EPS in Edinburgh, McKerrell engages the assistance of two seasoned occult investigators and a local doctor.

Together, they travel to St Combs, a small fishing town north of Aberdeen. McKerrell discovers that Robson apparently left the local inn, “The Sigil”, where he was staying. The publican, Duncan Calder, is friendly and generous with the local whisky but can provide no helpful information about Robson’s whereabouts.

Markus breaks into the local fish cannery. It appears that the harbour master, Connor Andrews, is taking detailed records of his workers and other visitors to the town.

The investigators explore the ruined castle of Strathbeg. Markus is assaulted and pursues his attacker to the boat house by the loch. The discover a hidden temple and gun down the worshippers inside.

Edinburgh: In The Vaults

The investigators follow the passages below the city. With grim efficiency, they gun down the first person they meet. What murderous impulses drive humanity to such deeds?

They find a series of deserted rooms. It seems that Abyzou’s followers have made a base here for excavations.

A woman, Mary McTaggart, is discovered. She is weeping, distraught to be left behind by her companions on the verge of some great discovery. The clergyman orders her bound and gagged.

Using a map, the investigators travel deeper and deeper. They find the remnants of a bloody, terrible fight between the cult and monstrous, serpent-like humanoids. The Auld One tells them that they are too late to prevent the “awakening”.


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