Cthulhu Britannica

Svalbard: Cold Snap

An airship crashed in the Arctic. The Investigators are recruited (because of their “unique skills and experience”) to join a rescue party.

In Svalbard, Marcus chats with a local. Dutch and English ships and sailors went missing in these parts several hundred years ago.

At the plane, they meet the team leader, Sidney Reilly – “reports of my death are exaggerated, old boy”. He explains the rescue plan; about four Italians are thought to be still alive.

Suddenly, the plane is hit by freezing ice. The pilot is killed and Charlie takes over. They crash land on the ice floe.

They set off for the red tent but find nobody alive there. Tracks lead north.

A journey to Amundsen’s plane shows that it also crashed. The famous explorer’s brain is missing.

Heading north, they find a strange machine atop an ice mound. Suddenly, they are under attack from horrific walrus-men. Klaus works out how to operate the machine and wields its devastating power against the monsters. There is silence once more except for the biting wind…


EricTopp EricTopp

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